Gina Marie Osmar

Gina Marie Osmar

Microphones Used: D6i5ADX51

Gina Marie Osmar is one of the most dynamic drummers you will ever hear! Born, 9 Feb, 2000 in Texas, she is our youngest Audix Micophone endorser. Gina started her rhythm on coffee cans from the family restaurant at 3. At 6 she received her first kit, and by age 7, Gina was playing live on stage.

Audix's youngest artist is a drummer who is building a significant recording and YouTube resume with solid technique, deep musical knowledge, and a singular dedication to the art and craft of drumming.

Gina has used Audix microphones on her kit from her first pro recording session. "When I first recorded in Nashville, the engineers recommended Audix mics, and I'm very happy they did." Gina now mikes her seven-piece kit in her own home studio with an Audix DP Quad Pack. "I use a D6 on kick, an i5 on snare, and a pair of ADX51s as overheads."

Getting a touring band together is Gina's dream, but her age difference with pro musicians is a challenge. "She plays really well with adults," says her father, David. "They very much respect her as a member of the band. As one musician said, 'If I didn't turn around and see who was playing the kit, I would have thought she had been drumming for 20 years."

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