Kimberly Thompson

Kimberly Thompson

Audix is proud to welcome Kimberly Thompson to our family of endorsing artists. Kim, who was born in Los Angeles and raised in St. Louis, was groomed as a jazz drummer with her studies culminating in a degree from the Manahattan School of Music. Being fluent in a variety of playing styles, her career path led to a gig with Beyonce; gaining her worldwide recognition because of her talent and passion for music and percussion. When searching for the right microphones, Kim and her Studio Engineer, Benedetto Antionio Caccavale (better known as “Nino”), repeatedly heard about Audix from their industry contacts. They wanted a selection of microphones that would take them from the studio to the stage and back again. They decided on STE8, a complement of eight microphones which includes the D6 for kick, i5 for snare, D2 and D4 for toms, the SCX1-HC for high hat, and a pair of SCX25A “Lollypops” for overheads. Kim states, “The Audix mics really make a big difference on my kit - they're so true and accurate. The mics are easy to set up with plenty of information available on video and online. It’s great to be working with a company who really gets percussion – I can relax and concentrate on my playing knowing that my sound is totally covered!.


Watch and Learn: How to Mic Drums; How to Mic Guitar; How to Mic Vocals; How to Mic a Choir. Also, many great tips from artists and engineers about their mic choices and applications.


Whether you are on an artist or engineer, on stage or recording, we consider our microphones to be an essential part of your performance. We thank those of you who own and use our microphones and we know that you will appreciate the dedication and passion that has gone into producing your product.
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