Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

Audix is proud to welcome the newest member to their endorsement community, Naveen Kumar. The most prominent flautist in India, Naveen is best known for his work with oscar winner A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire).
Born to a family steeped in Gospel Music. Naveen started his musical career at the age of 13 yrs. He, along with his elder brother, Jyothi Kumar, who accompanied him on the tabla, played for many local concerts, and for the Vishakhapatnam radio. Naveen came to the Tamil film industry in the year 1983, with his brother and father.
Flute is his love and life. Naveen has got a various and vast collection of flutes. He is the only flautist in the country who plays such a myriad types of flute. He's got flutes from every corner of the world - from Arabia, Switzerland, China, South Africa, America and of course, the Indian flutes.
Naveen recently became familiar with the Audix ADX10-FL while he was on tour. Shortly after, he joined the family of Audix endorsers and is using the RAD360 wireless in combination with the ADX10-FL. In his own words Naveen states, “The ADX10-FL works marvelously on all the different types of flutes that I play! The MIC is great since it is really nice and easy to handle, does not pick any external sounds and delivers a beautiful tone!”
You may be able to catch Naveen on a worldwide tour with A.R. Rahman and you can listen to his most recent CD , “Fluid” on Sony Records. And in his spare time, he will be inventing new sounds on the flute and working on innovative new instruments!


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