Renato Martins

Renato Martins

Brazilian multi instrumentalist Renato Martins, born in Rio and brought up in São Paulo, started to play percussion and piano when he was four years old. He studied drums and jazz piano and finished his musical studies with courses in classical piano, composition and conducting.

Renato Martins has created new techniques to traditional instruments; for example, the Moringa (Udu Drum) and the Cajon. Also known to have applied kitchen utensils as percussion instruments, Renato is considered one of the most respected percussionists in the world and has been described as an innovator of the Brazilian percussion by Brazil’s specialized media. He played beside some big names of the Brazilian popular and instrumental music scenes like Duda Neves, Sergio Sa, Moacyr Luz, Sa & Guarabyra, Tom Da Terra, Paulo Moura, Andre Geraissati, Ulisses Rocha,Teco Cardoso, Renato Borghetti, Edu Ribeiro, Vitor Alcantara, Zeli, Renato Consorte, Beto Angerosa, Nelson Faria, Carlinhos Antunes, Mozart Mello, Roberto Sion, Celso Pixinga, Andre Mehmari and Celio Barros.

Renato Martins lives in Brussels since 2004 and has worked with big names of the jazz scene in the country. There he created the Boris Gaquere & Renato Martins Duo. They have played in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, United States, Brazil, Argentine and Taiwan.

As a sole percussionist, Renato has participated at the Catalunyan International Percussion festival in Barcelona, Spain, the Batuka! Brasil International Drum Festival, Brazil, among others and toured the US and Canada as the percussionist for Cirque Du Soleil’s show called OVO from 2009 to 2010.

Renato uses the following microphones:  

ADX10P - Udu (live and studio) ADX60 - cajon D series - congas, bongos, surdo and alfaia (maracatu drum) OM5 - vocals ADX51 - Udu (studio), overhead miking of cymbals, bells, blocks and hand percussion instruments i5 - with all percussion instruments and vocals when using a loop station



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