Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

If you haven't seen a Blue Man Group show or concert, it is literally indescribable. If you have, then you know it's a gourmet treat for the senses, pushing the limits of technology for light and sound.

Audix has been involved with the audio since the inception, working with their sound designer, Ross Humphrey. Aside from an assortment of D4's and D6's used for percussion, the group uses the Micros (M1250) inside the unique PVC bodypacks that have become an integral part of the show. They have also incorporated the OM7 for vocals as part of their live touring show.

If you are visiting any of the following cities, make it a point to go see and hear Blue Man Group:

New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, and Oberhausen


Watch and Learn: How to Mic Drums; How to Mic Guitar; How to Mic Vocals; How to Mic a Choir. Also, many great tips from artists and engineers about their mic choices and applications.


Whether you are on an artist or engineer, on stage or recording, we consider our microphones to be an essential part of your performance. We thank those of you who own and use our microphones and we know that you will appreciate the dedication and passion that has gone into producing your product.
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