My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

Their CDs are round and their cassettes are rectangular, but that's about all My Bloody Valentine has in common with anyone else making records these days. Together since 1984, this Irish-British quartet has been steadily reshaping the contours of contemporary music in the U.K. Now, American audiences have an opportunity to share in the disquiet, as My Bloody Valentine releases its first full-length Sire/Warner Bros. album in the States, Loveless.
Look for them on tour as well as an all Audix stage.

My Bloody Valentine uses:
D6, i5, Micro Dís, on drums and ADX51ís on overheads
OM5, OM6, and OM7 on vocals
i-5 and CX212 on guitars
CX212 for ambient room mics


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