Todd Sucherman

Todd Sucherman

Microphones Used: Drums- i5ADX51D2D4D6

Styx drummer Todd Sucherman has been an Audix artist since 2007. 2009 saw Todd Sucherman win the Modern Drummer Reader's Poll for #1 Rock Drummer, #1 Educational DVD with "Methods and Mechanics" as well as #1 Clinician in DRUM! Magazine all while touring the world with the multi-platinum rock band Styx and performing drum clinics and recording sessions from coast to coast.

The engineer for these sessions, JR Taylor states, "Audix mics have become my go to choice for drums both live and in the studio. I've become somewhat of an evangelist about using the i5 on snare drums, and the D Series mics are so well tuned for drums it makes mixing easy. They bring out all the right qualities of great sounding drums. Todd is intentional about choosing the right cymbals for a given song and the SCX25A's do a beautiful job of capturing these choices, preserving the personality of each cymbal."

Todd states, "I use the same mic set up on the road as I do in my studio. Audix mics work in tandem with each other and they they captured the sound of the drums and cymbals with the crystalline clarity, creaminess and the punch I'm accustomed to."

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