Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam

Davy Knowles and Back Door Slam

DAVY KNOWLES, a 21 year old blues guitar sensation, hails from the small Isle of Man, a perfectly formed kingdom stuck in the middle of the Irish Sea. Touring with his group, Back Door Slam, Davy sings and plays guitars, mandolin, lap steel and harmonica. On bass is "PK", with Steven Barci on drums and and Ty Bailie on keyboards.

The young Davy Knowles was brought up on a potentially overindulgent appetite of Everything Blues. He has used his talents to create a mind-blowing brand of contemporary/traditional blues-rock. The result is a sound reminiscent of the greats (BB King, Howlin Wolf, Jimi Hendrix, SRV) but with a big fat nod to the modern music and songwriters they all share a love of (Clapton, Knopfler, Mayall, Mayer).

Audix microphones play a huge part in bringing the band’s sound to their sold-out audiences. The biggest challenge (as is normally the case!) was finding the right vocal mic for Davy. After trying out and working with a bevy of popular vocal microphones, Davy decided on the OM7 as “the one.” The OM7 handles Davy’s rich, bluesy vocal style perfectly, and as far as feedback rejection and keeping the stage wash out of the mic, nothing could touch it.

Front of House engineer Nate Cake has the following mics on his rider:

Kick Drum – D6
Snare top and bottom – i5
Hat – SCX1HC
Rack Toms – Micro D
Floor Tom - Micro D
Overhead right – SCX25A
Overhead left – SCX25A
Bass – D6
Guitars – i5 and Vintage AKG 409 VOX
Mandolin – SCX1
Harp – Fireball V
Lead vocal – OM7
Acoustic Guitar - SCX25A


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