Tower of Power

Tower of Power

No matter who you are, where you live, or your taste in music, Tower of Power will find you. And once that happens, it's all over. You will come to believe not only that soul music is the salvation of us all, but that Tower of Power is one of those rare bands who can claim to be the real deal, 100 proof, aged-to-perfection, ground zero Soul. And the thing is, they're everywhere now.

And if you have heard the band over the past several years, you know that they sound awesome. Audix is proud to be part of that sound. In nearly every nook and cranny of the stage, you will find an Audix microphone working overtime to help bring the electrifying sound of the band to the audience the way it is intended.

Tower of Power founder and leader Emilio Castillo says “Working with Audix has been great – they help us to sound our best. The guys at the company have the same philosophy as Tower: ‘Be good, be consistent, play your heart out, don't forget your roots, and make sure the audience comes back for more!’”
Current Tower of Power roster
Horn section:
Emilio Castillo – sax: Micros M1245 on sax, RAD360/OM6 wireless for vocals
Stephen 'Doc' Kupka – baritone sax: D4, OM6 backing vocal
Tom Politzer – lead tenor sax: RAD360 wireless with ADX20i, OM6 backing vocal
Adolfo Acosta – trumpet, flugelhorn; D3, OM6 backing vocal
Mike Bogart – trumpet, trombone: D3, OM6 backing vocal
Dave Garibaldi - D6 kick, i5 snare, Micro D's toms, D4 floor tom, SCX1-HC hi hat, CX112 overheads
Rocco Prestia – D6 on cab
Mark Harper - i5 on guitar cab, OM6 backing vocal
Roger Smith - i5 Leslie top, D4 Leslie bottom, OM6 backing vocal


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Whether you are on an artist or engineer, on stage or recording, we consider our microphones to be an essential part of your performance. We thank those of you who own and use our microphones and we know that you will appreciate the dedication and passion that has gone into producing your product.
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