George Strait

George Strait

George Strait, a living American legend and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, has been nominated for more CMA awards than any other artist. As of 2008, he holds the record for the most Number One hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts with fifty six Number Ones!

Front of House Engineer Paul Rogers has been using Audix microphones with George Strait and his band for well over 10 years now. When it comes to microphones Paul says "If it ain't Audix, then it ain't right."

Paul's input list:
1. Kick -- D-6 (There is no better Kick mic in todays world)
2. Snr Top -- I-5
3. Snr Btm -- I-5
4. High Hat -- SCX-1HC
5. Rack 1 -- D-2
6. Rack 2 -- D-2
7. Rack 3 -- D-2
8. Rack 4 -- D-3
9. OH Left -- SCX-1C
10.OH Right -- SCX-1C
11.Bass -- Countryman DI
13.Steel Left -- I-5
14.Steel Right -- I-5
15.Fiddle Left -- Countryman DI
16.Fiddle Right -- Countryman DI
17.Guitar 1 -- I-5
18.Acc GTR 1 -- Countryman DI
19.Fiddle 2 -- Countryman DI
20. Guitar 2 Left -- I-5
21. Guitar 2 Right -- I-5
22. Acc 2 -- Countryman DI
23. Acc 3 -- Countryman DI
24. Keys Left -- Countryman DI
25. Keys Right -- Countryman DI
26. Piano Left -- Countryman DI
27. Piano Right -- Countryman DI
28. BKG VOX ! -- VX-5
29. BKG VOX -- VX-5
30. George Vox 1. -- VX-10
32. George Vox 2. -- VX-10
33. George Vox 3. -- VX-10
34. George Vox 4. -- VX-10
Note that George performs in the round and has 4 mic positions.


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