Zebrahead is a Orange County based rock band consisting of vocalist Ali Tabatabaee, Greg Bergdorf (guitar), Matty Lewis (vocals/guitar), Ben Osmundson (bass) and Ed Udhus (drums).

After a dozen years, half a dozen albums, scores of countries, countless miles, and a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance, Zebrahead has been not only been able to maintain their core fan base that grew up with them, but they continue to break new ground and appeal to newer generations of audiences.

Zebra relies on a complete stage of Audix microphones to help bring their explosive sound to audiences worldwide. Currently touring to promote their new album titled "Phoenix", Zebrahead's front of house engineer Tommy Rat has provided us with their mic set up:

Ch. Input Microphone
1 Kick Audix D6
2 Snare Top Audix I-5
3 Snare Bottom Audix SCX-1
4 Hi-hat Audix SCX-1
5 Rack Tom Micro-D
6 Floor Tom Micro-D
7 Overhead L CX-112
8 Overhead R CX-112
9 Ride cymbal Audix SCX-1
10 Bass DI D.I. Comp
11 Guitar (SR) CX-111
12 Guitar (SL) CX-111
12 B. Vocal (SR) Audix OM7
13 Vocal (Center/SR) Wireless OM7
14 Vocal (Center/ SL) Wireless OM7
15 B.Vocal (SL) Audix OM7

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