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Bonnie Raitt

Microphones used: Vocals- OM5  

Bonnie Raitt started a new with the release of her nineteenth album, Slipstream. The album marked her return to studio recording after seven years and the launch of her label, Redwing Records. A huge success, Slipstream sold over a quarter-million copies in 2012, making it one of the top selling independent albums, and earned Raitt her 10th GRAMMY Award (Best Americana Album). From the New York Times to People Magazine, "Slipstream" was also lauded in numerous top critics' lists for album of the year.

Paul "Pappy" Middleton has been Bonnie Raitt's tour manager since 1996. Bonnie's silky tones are matched only by the depth of her guitars and that one-of-a-kind- bottleneck slide, and only Pappy can mic up and hear those tones each night as intimately as Bonnie does. Bonnie's guitar amp helps decide Pappy's longtime vocal mic of choice: the Audix OM5. If you've had the chance to see her in concert the past 10 years, then you've heard Bonnie through the OM5.

"They all brought in their own live vocal mics," Middleton explains. "All great condenser mics, but none of which have any place onstage with a ripping electric guitar or bass cabinet! Their mics each picked up pretty much everything on stage. That's why the OM5 is, for me, the most naturally live, ballsy mic around for vocals. It's really rich on the low end, the mindrange is smooth, and then it finishes up with that beautiful sweet top end to it without picking up anything else there up on the stage. Can I say that all of our shows have just sounded immense with the OM5 up there on Bonnie? That is exactly why I went to the OM5 for Bonnie in the first place, and I've stuck with it ever since."