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Microphones Used: Drums- D6D2D4SCX1CX111 Guitar- D3 Vocals- OM6OM7

One of the most enduring and original musical partnerships of our time, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) have captivated the world with their peerless three-part harmony vocals, inspired songwriting and brilliant musicianship for over three decades. The only American band of the original Woodstock era to have a societal impact rivaling that of the Beatles, they have been called "the voice of an entire generation."

CSN continues to tour relentlessly and their monitor engineer, Rance Caldwell, is quite outspoken about the microphones he's been using for the past 10 years that help the band achieve their signature sound.

Rance states, "With the exception of just one mic, everything on CSN's stage is Audix. D6 on the kick; D2s for snare and rack toms; D4s on the floor toms; SCX1 on the hat; CX-111s for the overheads; and D3s for the guitar amplifiers. And for those golden CSN vocals, OM6s and OM7s." Rance adds, "Beyond the stage, Audix is an important part of what the band does in their home studios as well. Graham Nash and David Crosby each have a pair of SCX1s they record with, as does Stephen Stills who also used his CX-111s and D2s on his album Man Alive released last September."

"Every Audix mic has a transparent voice that lets a song carry the message on its own without coloration," adds Rance. "The fidelity and stage rejection is incomparable." "When a performer can clearly hear their voice or instrument and translate those emotions with a microphone to the audience, that says a lot about the mic they're using. The Audix stuff has been a great, long-proven addition to our repertoire."