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Microphones Used: Vocals- VX5VX10 Instruments- D6i5SCX1HCD2SCX1CD1

George Strait, a living American legend and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, has been nominated for more CMA awards than any other artist. Strait holds the record for most number one albums, gold albums, platinum albums, and multi-platinum in the history of country music, and is eleventh in the most number one albums in all other genres. Strait is third only to Elvis Presley and The Beatles with the most gold and platinum albums in the history of music. Strait has been certified as the twelfth best selling artist in American history, with career album sales of 70 million.

Front of House Engineer Paul Rogers has been using Audix microphones with George Strait and his band for well over 10 years now. Rogers got hooked on Audix mics in the late '90s when he was introduced to the OM series. Paul is an audio purist and doesn't use gates or compressors when mixing sound live. He considers Audix mics his "secret weapon" for getting exceptional results in his live mix. "I started using a lot of Audix mics," he explains, "and, when the D6 came out, my stage became all-Audix. The D6 is the best single kick drum mic ever made. It's punchy with attack! Best kick drum mic I've ever used. Replaced my kick drum mic I'd been using for 15 years! Audix's VX10 is warm and crisp for vocals and the I-5 is an all-round great instrument mic. You can use it on anything."

Strait often performs in the round and Rogers says he's pleased with the Audix mics as they don't bleed or pick up other sounds on the stage. When it comes to microphones Rogers says, "If it ain't Audix, then it ain't right."