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ADX51 | Studio Condenser, Microphone

Premium electret condenser mic

MRSP: $250
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  • Description

    The ADX51 is a professional, pre-polarized condenser microphone for stage, studio and broadcast applications. The ADX51 is clear sounding, accurate in response and handles both close and distance miking for various acoustic instruments.

    Designed with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, the ADX51 captures the acoustics of the instrument being miked while isolating it from other instruments. The ADX51 features a 14 mm gold vapor diaphragm and a -10 dB pad and bass roll-off filter.

    The ADX51 includes a tension-fit heavy duty nylon mic clip (DCLIP) , external foam windscreen (W-81), and zippered carrying pouch (P1). 








    • Acoustic instruments
    • Cymbals, drum overhead
    • High-hat, percussion table
    • Group vocal, speech
    • Ambient room miking
    • Audience mics for ear monitors
  • Specifications

    Type Pre-polarized Condenser
    Polar Pattern Cardioid
    Frequency Response 40Hz - 18kHz
    Impedance 100 Ohms
    Sensitivity 17 mV/Pa @ 1kHz
  • Videos

    How to Mic Up Your High Hat

    How To Mic Up Your Drums - Hi Hat from Audix Microphones on Vimeo.

    How to Mic Up Your Overheads

    How To Mic Up Your Drums - Overheads from Audix Microphones on Vimeo.


    Renato Martins in the studio with Udu and ADX51.



Premium electret condenser mic

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