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MicroPod™ | Installed Sound, Microphone

Modular gooseneck system with M1250B mic in 6, 12, and 18 inch lengths.

MRSP: $390-450
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  • Description

    The MicroPod™ Series is a modular system consisting of the M1250B miniature condenser microphone combined with either a 6", 12" or 18" gooseneck shaft. Designed for presentations, meetings and teleconferencing, this mic series is immune to RF interference and is excellent in sound quality. The 6" gooseneck has recently been made available with the high output model M1255 with shotgun capsule for boardroom applications requiring additional reach and sensitivity.

    Designed with uniformly controlled polar patterns, the MicroPod™ helps isolate the speaker from ambient noise. Each of the MicroPod™ Series systems is available with a hypercardioid polar pattern option for tighter pick-up control or a shotgun pickup pattern for extended distance. With a wide frequency range of 50 Hz - 19 kHz, the MicroPod™ Series microphones provide natural sound with exceptional vocal response.

    An advantage to this microphone is that the gooseneck is interchangeable with any of The Micros™, providing flexibility and a broad range of applications. The MicroPod™ Series requires 18 - 52 V phantom power.

    (MicroPod™ shown with the ATS10 Base - Sold separatly)


    • MICROPOD6  (6 inch gooseneck with M1250B)
    • MICROPOD6HC  (6 inch gooseneck with M1250BHC)
    • MICROPOD12  (12 inch gooseneck with M1250B)
    • MICROPOD12HC (12 inch gooseneck with M1250BHC)
    • MICROPOD18 (18 inch gooseneck with M1250B)
    • MICROPOD18HC (18 inch gooseneck with M1250BHC)
    • MICROPOD6S  (6 inch gooseneck with M1255S Shotgun capsule)
    • MICROPOD6WS (as above in white)


    • Pulpit, podium
    • Conference room
    • Board meetings
    • Courtroom
    • Speech, presentation
    • Education
  • Specifications

    Type Condenser
    Polar Pattern Cardioid, Hypercardioid, Supercardioid
    Frequency Response 50Hz - 19kHz
    Impedance 150 Ohms
    Sensitivity @1k 9 mV/Pa (C) / 8 mV/Pa (HC) / 62 mV/Pa (S)
  • User Quotes

    "Even with less than ideal speaker locations and presenters who's voices ranged from boisterous to soft spoken, the Micropods delivered a consistant and even response. Only a minimum amount of equalization was required to eliminate the potential feedback issues other podium systems seem so prone to. The Micropods have definitly earned a top spot in my corporate event microphone package!"
    Curt Hare, Point Source Inc., Federal Way, WA

AUDIX MicroPod™

Modular gooseneck system with M1250B mic in 6, 12, and 18 inch lengths.

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Audix MicroPod™
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