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RAD360 | Wireless, Microphone

UHF Wireless System with true diversity, 193 selectable channels,

MRSP: $420
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  • Description

    The Audix RAD360 Wireless System is a frequency agile UHF wireless microphone system with 193 selectable frequencies(per system group) and dual tuner, true diversity receivers.  Operating in the UHF band between 614-638 MHz and 638–662 MHz in the USA, the RAD360 is designed for a wide range of professional applications including live performances, fixed installations, corporate meetings and Houses of Worship. 

    The RAD360 Wireless System features menu driven displays in each component. Both the receiver and the transmitter are synthesizer controlled via Phase Locked Loop (PLL) for stable Radio Frequency (RF) signals.  The handheld transmitters are constructed of durable metal. These units feature the legendary OM series dynamic microphones built with Audix's VLM ™  capsule technology.  

    The handheld transmitters utilize a convenient gain setting control to help prevent overload or distortion. The modular design of the threaded microphone head enables the user to change the transmitter mic capsule from one OM Series model to another in a matter of seconds.

    The body pack transmitter, constructed of durable ABS composite, is housed in a protective metal cradle. It may be used with lavaliere, headset and specialty instrument microphones. 

    The RAD360 Wireless System receiver is rack-mountable for one or two systems into a standard 19” rack with optional rack mount kits. An amplified Antenna Distribution System is also available. This setup allows up to four systems to be run off a single pair of antennae and one DC power supply.  An optional antenna booster, which can be wall or mic stand mounted, assists in strengthening incoming signals, improving signal to noise ratio and increases the RF range.

    MODELS (All Systems include receiver, transmitter, anternnas, DC power adapter)

    W3OM3 - Handheld system with OM3 dynamic handheld transmitter

    W3OM5 - Handheld system with OM5 dynamic handheld transmitter

    W3OM6 - Handheld system OM6 dynamic handheld transmitter

    W3OM7 - Handheld system OM7 dynamic handheld transmitter

    W3310 - Handheld/Lavalier system With OM3 transmitter, bodypack transmitter & ADX10

    W3BP -  Bodypack system only - no microphone

    W3L5O - Bodypack system with L5 omni lavaliere

    W3ADX10 - Bodypack system with ADX10 lavaliere

    W3HT2 - Bodypack system with HT2 headset

    W3HT5 - Bodypack system with HT5 headset - black

    W3HT5BG - Bodypack system with HT5 headset - beige

    W3G - Bodypack system for guitar

    W3ADX20i - Bodypack system with ADX20i clip-on mic for saxophone


    R360 - UHF true diversity receiver

    B360 - UHF bodypack

    T360 - UHF hand held transmitter (without capsule assembly)

    T363 - UHF handheld transmitter with OM3 capsule

    T365 - UHF handheld transmitter with OM5 capsule

    T366 - UHF handheld transmitter with OM6 capsule

    T367 - UHF handheld transmitter with OM7 capsule

    T363CA - OM3 capsule assembly for handheld transmitter

    T365CA - OM5 capsule assembly for handheld transmitter

    T366CA - OM6 capsule assembly for handheld transmitter

    T367CA - OM7 capsule assembly for handheld transmitter



    L5 - Black omni lavaliere with 3’ cable

    ADX10 - ADX10 cardioid lavaliere with 3’ cable

    HT2 - Headset mic with 3’ cable

    HT5 - Slim line omni headset microphone–black

    HT5BG - Slim line omni headset microphone–beige

    ADX20i - ADX20i Instrument mic with 3’ cable

    NOTICE: Users of wireless microphones in the USA, on frequencies listed under FCC part 74.801 must comply with eligibility & licensing requirements under FCC Part 74.832. Please review terms at: www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx_00/47cfr74_00.html

    For more information, call the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC’s wireless microphone website at www.fcc.gov.cgb/wirelessmicrophones


    • Frequency Agile
    • Soft-key Controls
    • Menu Driven Displays
    • Noise Squelch Circuitry
    • Surface Acoustic Wave (S.A.W.) Filters
    • Tone Key Squelch
    • Tuned Antennas
    • Audio Output
    • RF Level Meters
    • Audio Meters
    • Battery Power Indicators
    • Set and Lock Function
    • Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Interchangeable Head Assemblies
    • Durable Metal Housings
  • Specifications